New open data: Playwaze launches app feature to help sports organisers broaden their reach — Parkour UK is first to use it

Playwaze is a website and mobile app that simplifies the way sports organisers create and manage activities. With support from the Open Data Institute and imin, Playwaze has recently launched a feature to publish activities as open data, and Parkour UK is the first to take advantage of the feature. This blog was co-written by Playwaze and Parkour UK and edited by the Open Data Institute for clarity.

The Playwaze sports app focuses on giving sports communities an effective way of creating and managing activities. Available for use in over 50 sports it helps anyone to organise their sport — competitions, courses, sessions, teams, payments, and communications — and engage with participants through created communities. Rupert Jenner, CEO at Playwaze, believes that mobile technology offers sport the greatest opportunity to deliver substantial increases in participation.

Rupert points out that “for too long participation in sport has been held back by its poor adoption of technology. With the Playwaze app we want to help clubs, groups, and associations to move away from noticeboards, spreadsheets, and shaky websites to a convenient mobile app which simply makes it easier for anyone to organise all their sports activities and quickly engage and sign up to those activities through their phones. Essentially we want to put sport into people’s pockets.”

How is Playwaze data made available to others?

By publishing their course and sessions data as open data Playwaze is now making its data available to the outside world. The data conforms to the OpenActive specification — developed by the OpenActive W3C community group to ensure the data is as useable as possible. Anyone organising a sports activity can quickly create it on the app and tap a button to automatically publish their activity.

The data contains a shareable booking and payments link so anyone can find an activity, and directly book it or pay for it from any app or business using the data. Once booked on to the activity the new participant automatically joins the organiser’s sports community on the app, where they are plenty of opportunities to join other activities and continue participating.

Open Data Institute and imin, both advocates of using open data to get people more physically active, provided strategic support to make the data available.

Parkour UK is the first Playwaze client to take advantage of the Playwaze open data feature

Through Parkour UK’s partnership Playwaze manages Parkour UK’s membership and registration scheme, which integrates the Parkour UK app developed and powered by Playwaze directly to the website. Parkour UK member organisations and groups can create communities, courses, sessions, classes, events, jams and more. These are automatically published straight to Parkour UK’s website and any others using the OpenActive open data feed giving them increased exposure to new participants.

About OpenActive

At OpenActive we’re bringing together sports and physical activity organisations from across the sector to make data on what, where and when physical activity sessions happen, openly available through open data. Our ambition is to get the UK’s 28% of inactive people active through promoting use of open data across the sector. This data will enable organisations to develop new and existing services that keep pace with the customer’s digital expectations, and make it easier for people to find and participate in sessions that are right for them.

OpenActive is a community-led initiative coordinated by the Open Data Institute providing open data expertise and is supported by Sport England providing sector knowledge.

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