New open data: Salford Community Leisure’s vision to enhance physical wellbeing and boost app appeal

Bringing Salford residents closer to local physical activity opportunities using open data

Cancer rehab sessions. Image Source: Salford Community Leisure

Salford Community Leisure (SCL) a ‘community benefit society’ run by and for the people of Salford, has recently published real-time open data about activities and facilities available at its local leisure centres.

The drive to openly publish this data, supports the society’s vision to “enhance lives through sport, leisure and cultural opportunities” said Samantha Sandford, Corporate Strategy and Communications Manager at SCL.

Mum spinning class. Image Source: Salford Community Leisure

“Each week, we deliver 1,000’s of activities across the city helping our customers improve their health and wellbeing, increase their community involvement, develop education and skills and help enrich their environment.

“The idea of our data being able to generate more people using our facilities and services is important to us. We are really keen to explore ways of increasing digital customer journeys and transactions.” Samantha continued.

SCL operates 40 venues across Salford which attracted over 3 million visits last year. Samantha hopes innovation spurred from SCL’s released open data “will lead to more apps being created that uses the data, helping us to reach new audiences and resulting in more people in Salford being active” said Samantha.

SCL enlisted the technical expertise of open data aggregator, imin, to publish the data from the society’s data system provider, Gladstone. Dominic Fennell, Co-Founder at imin said:

Adult swimming lessons. Image Source: Salford Community Leisure

We have built a piece of software that offers Salford Community Leisure and other Gladstone customers a quick and easy way to publish opportunity data — this is the same technology imin used to help activeNewham publish their opportunity data earlier this year. We are very pleased to have had the chance to work with the team at Salford Community Leisure to achieve this, and are proud to continue collaborating as part of the OpenActive community.

“Our focus is now very much on working with those forward-thinking organisations looking to use this open opportunity data (including public bodies, national corporations and startups) to help the residents of Salford be more physically active.”

Image Source: Salford Community Leisure

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